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The purpose of this research was to developed a web-based transaction processing system of higher education academic administration that considered dota security. The system consisted of*ee parts ofsofiware, one for  network administrator, one  other  for  student. The  function  for  academic administrator staff, and the of each part should consider the user authorization. This research used Windows 97 operating system. Microsofi Access 97, l|/ebBase 4. 10 build 57, and a computer supported the software that was ready to be connected to computer network. Thirteen tables were built to store data. The system soJtware was written in I{TML, WebBase macro, and SQL to modify data in the tables. The sofiware was saved in htf files  that could be accessed with browser. The research  expecte d system could /unction  we ll.


Webbase;internet; transaction processing system.

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