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Pronunciation is an essential part in a language, for the nature of language is spoken. But, most learners of English in the environment where a research was undertaken faced problems with the pronunciation
of English. This study aims (1) finding out the effectiveness of dubbing as a technique for teaching the pronunciation of English, and (2) identifying the commonly mispronounced sounds of English.
The experimental study involved semester 1 students of English Department of Teacher Training and Education Faculty of Universitas Muhammadiyah Purwokerto in the Academic Year 2005/2006. Out of 120 students that had been split into 5 smaller groups by the management
authority for practical purpose, 2 groups have been chosen as the research sample groups on the basis of equality in the pre-test result. Group A2 has been the Experimental Group and group A1 has been the Control Group. The teaching and learning process in the former employed dubbing system as the main technique, while the classroom learning activities in the latter used drill in most of the time. After 6 sessions (within 6 weeks) a post-test was administered. Data collected
through the post-test were analyzed using descriptive statistical operations of mean, frequency distribution, percentage and the t-test inferential statistical tool.

Results of the research data analyses have revealed that teaching pronunciation with dubbing technique has not given a satisfactory outcome and a significant effect on the pronunciation mastery. To this finding dubbing is not recommended for use in teaching the pronunciation
of English, but of course further studies on related content are immediately required to confirm this finding. Results of the data analyses have also shown that [æ], [əu], [ei], and [εə] constitute the most commonly mispronounced vowel sounds of English. Based on this finding, careful attention should be paid to these sounds when we teach the vowel sounds of English.
Key words: effectiveness, dubbing, the pronunciation of English, drill

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