Sumarna Sumarna, Agus Purwanto, Dyah Kurniawati Agustika




Electro-acoustic human heartbeat detector have been made with the main parts : (a) stetoscope (piece chest), (b) mic condenser, (c) transistor amplifier, and (d) cues analysis program with MATLAB. The frequency components that contained in heartbeat. cues have also been extracted with Short Time Fourier Transform (STFT) from 9 volunteers. The results of the analysis showed that heart rate appeared in every cue frequency spectrum with their harmony. The steps of the research were including detector instrument design, test and instrument repair, cues heartbeat recording with Sound Forge 10 program and stored in wav file ; cues breaking at the start and the end, and extraction/cues analysis using MATLAB. The MATLAB program included filter (bandpass filter with bandwidth between 0.01 – 110 Hz), cues breaking with hamming window and every part was calculated using Fourier Transform (STFT mechanism) and the result were shown in frequency spectrum graph.


Keywords: frequency components extraction, heartbeat cues, Short Time Fourier Transform


frequency components extraction, heartbeat cues, Short Time Fourier Transform

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