s. Eko Putro Widoyoko,


One of the weaknesses in th~ evaluation of an instructional program for social
studies in junior secondary sChools at present is that evaluation activities are only
based on the assessment of the?tudents' lea,rni!lg qutputs.Previous instructional
activities receive less attention
in evaluation activities. In adciition, tIle assessment
of social
study learning is also still limited to that of academic skills and has' not
included the assessment of per~onal skills aIld sOFi,al .. skills, which become the
target of social studies. To get Il1.ore complete information about the efficacy of an
instructional program for ,social studies, it is necessary to utilize· an. evaluation
model that
has more comprehensive coverage. The model of Evaluation of
InstructionalQuality and Output (EIQO) is one of the alternatives which can be
used to evaluate an instructional program for social studies. The components of
EIQO include the assessment
of... the instructional process in terllls of the
instructional.qualityand the assessment of the learning results ·.in terms ·of the
output. The former covers the assessment of the teacher classroom
performance, instructional facilities,
classroom ,climate, student ·attitudes and
student motivation to learn.. The latter covers the assessment of students' academic
skills, personal skills and social skills

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