Burhan Nurgiyantoro


Abstract: Childrens Literature and Character Building. This article aims to
describe roles and strategies of the learning of childrens literature in character
education. In terms of the materials, literature has already contained raw
materials to build childrens character. Literature is culture in action containing
life models. The concept of people with ideal character highly appreciating
morality and great values is concretely manifested in the story characters attitudes
and behaviors. Children can imitate the heroes with ideal norms and take their
attitudes and behaviors as examples. Moreover, at their age, children like to imitate
behaviors of people that they admire. To prevent literature learning from becoming
rote learning, teachers and parents should work in synergy to help children read,
understand, and give examples of concrete attitudes and behaviors so that the
internalization process takes place. Therefore, story-telling activities for children
should be routinely conducted and reading habits should be inculcated since the
early age.
Keywords: childrens literature, character building, culture in behaviors

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