M.Pranjoto Utomo,
Endang Widjajanti,
Kun Sri Budiasih,


Tlte aints of the research v,ere to determine the nitrogen contained in humatt ttrine before and after ipplying zealyte ancl  to determine the influence o.f MgO to nitrog'n contained in human urine. The tJetermination of

Zeolyte aclsorptio  capacity' to nitrogen contained in htrmqn trrine inclLtcled 3 s'teps. Activation ol' nature zeolf ie'nitrogen adsorptiort' Iotal nin"ogen determination Ly Kjeclahl test. Zeolyte activation wqs done by soaking zeollte itio0' 1 14 HCl, HNO: and H2soafor I hour and calcin(ltedJbr t hours at 100"c. The  adsorption proses  adding  y,as  clone byaicting inactivated ancl activated zeolyte tuithand without MgO

The iptimunt mass of zeolyte was 3 grants. The adsorption capacities oJ' inactivated zeolytes u,ithout

And with LttgO adcting were 0.00780994 and 0.0102% pq grdm zeolyte, respectivety. The adsorption

Capacities of activated zeoll'te by HCl, HNO: dan H:SO| wiihout Mgo addingw)re 0.00i01%,0.006610.4, and  0a0917?i,  per gram:eolil'te. Lhe adsorption capacities of activated zeolyle by HCl, HNO j dan H2SO| v'i* )IgO udding were 0.00839%,0.0i01%  dan 0.011% per gram zeoll'te. The activation and lulgO adr)ing increasecl the aclsorption capacitl' oJ' zeolyte to nitrogen contained in httman urine.


Nitrogen; urin ; zeolyte; adsorption capacity

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