Vol 1, No 2

October 2014

LingTera Volume 1 Number 2 of October 2014 has been available to all readers. This issue is published containing ten articles as the results of scientific studies on various fields, including study on language education, literature, and also translation. Three articles in this journal are written in English, while the other seven in Indonesian language.

In this second issue, the first article is written by Pratiwi and Musfiroh, presenting the result of research and development of educative digital game as an effective learning medium of trip report writing for Junior High School students. The second article that is written by Rahadini and Suwarna presents a study on well behaved language in Javanese language learning interaction of Junior High School students. The third article that is written by Devi Rosmawati and Asruddin Barori Tou studies textual meaning broadness variety in bilingual texts: English and Indonesian languages. The fourth article is written by Dwi Astuti Indriati and Haryadi which studies poem appreciation learning with the employment of music as the learning medium in Senior High School. The fifth article written by Emi Nursanti and Asruddin Barori Tou studies thematic progression variations in translational text in English and Indonesian languages. The sixth article written by Haris Fadhillah and J. Bismoko studies the functions of idiom in building story in a novel. The seventh article written by Mahmud and Pangesti Wiedarti studies college students’ perception on the effectiveness of English and Arabic languages learning. The eighth article is written by Nurmiyati and Pujiati Suyata, studying the effectiveness of the techniques of Paired Story Telling and Jigsaw in speaking course. The nineth article written by Rahmi Munfangati and Pratomo Widodo studies the performance of certified English teachers in Yogyakarta. The tenth article as the last article in this issue is written by Wirayudha Pramana Bhakti and Haryadi, studying the effectiveness of the employment of Poster and Mind Mapping media in speech skills learning of Vocational High School students.

Table of Contents


Anggia Suci Pratiwi, Tadkiroatun Musfiroh
123 -135
Astiana Ajeng Rahadini, Suwarna Suwarna
136 - 144
Devi Rosmawati, Asruddin Barori Tou
145 - 155
Dwi Astuti Indriati, Haryadi Haryadi
156 - 167
Emi Nursanti, Asruddin Barori Tou
168 - 184
Haris Fadhillah, J Bismoko
185 - 195
Mahmud Mahmud, Pangesti Wiedarti
196 - 209
Nurmiyati Nurmiyati, Pujiati Suyata
210 - 223
Rahmi Munfangati, Pratomo Widodo
224 - 236
Wirayudha Pramana Bhakti, Haryadi Haryadi
237 - 247