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The concept of a civil society which has become a new
discourse in the life of a nation has received positive response
not only &om the intellectual circles but also from high-ranking
government officials in Indonesia, including President BJ
Habibi and Minister of Defence and Security, General Wiranto
They have even rethorically expressed the idea of a future
Indonesia in a civil society format. Therefore, all the nation's
political, social, economic, military, and educational potential
is being directed towards such a society.

A civil society has at least three characteristics, i e.,
( 1 ) the~eis a sufficiently high degree of autonomy of
~ndiv~duaalsn d groups in the society in their interaction
with the state, (2) there is free public space for the expresslon
of individual and group political activity in the society,
and (3) there is an individual and group capacity of refiisit~g
state or gover~~~iiitnntet ~ventionin the society.
Tqlamir rtlt~c-atinna .: part of thr national educational
potential, has a share in the responsibility of building a civil
society. For that, there are characteristics of Islamic educatlon
which, in terms of institutional matter, educational process,
and educational material, need to undergo reformation.
Only ~11t.Ins larttic educalior~re sult in a self-supporting institutlon
and produce human resources prepared to confront
life's challenges and filled with enough tolerant attitude in
the face of differences.

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