Yoyon Suryono,


Secondary school graduates need vocational training institutions
of the socioeconomic benefits they will get after graduating
from the institutions. They will get more benefits from the
if the management of the institutions is decentralistically
improved. The aim
of a research this article is about was identifying
the need to improve the vocational training institutions which are
decentralistically managed. The result
of the research can be used to
determine a strategy to develop and to certify vocational training
institutions. The result
ofthe research shows that vocational training
institutions, even with the decreasing numbers
of their students, are
still needed by society. These institutions also give benefits as units
of non-formal education offering various training programs.
Although generally their organization is small in scale, their
autonomy is great. The efficiency and effectiveness
of their use of
the infrastructure is good. Some of the institutions are tied to the
national curriculum, their license to operate, the national
examination, graduation standards, and certifications.
To develop
the institutions, wider authority is needed to manage the institutions
decentralistically, particularly in relation to aspects
of program
development, the curriculum, their license, the national examination,
graduate standards, and their authority to issue certificates based on
the accreditation
of the institutions. In order to implement such
development, a strategy
of development and certification as a form
of infrastructure investment and program development is needed.
They can
go through their development and certification well by
providing representative buildings, educational programs which are 'sold OUt', and professional management employing quality

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