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Moral value education is both a demand and a need for human beings as a
manifestation of togetherness in terms of nations and countries with a variety of
problems. There are a lot of problems, such as global terrorism and
multidimensional crises, which one country cannot solve on its own because to do
so it needs other countries supports. Moral value education is an alternative
problem solution which is local, regional, national, and international in nature. It
has become a global issue in several countries (Indonesia, Malaysia, India, and
China) and it has some differences and similarities. The differences result from the
countries different ideologies. However, such countries emphasize moral value
education on moral ethic values, especially on values related to human rights that
are universal and global in nature. The concept of moral value education proposed
by Kohlberg and Miller tends to be individualistic. Therefore, its needs to be
complemented by taking account of the paradigm proposed by Capra that human
life is built on the basis of a systemic and holistic view of life, one which is not
partial and individualistic. In its implementation, it needs an appropriate approach
and a relevant method and technique. The approaches to moral value education
include inculcating, modelling, facilitating, and skill development approaches, and
the methods include dogmatic, deductive, inductive, and reflective methods.
Keywords: moral value education, global perspective

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