Sri Wahyuni


Research findings show that in general Indonesian students’ reading ability is still
low. This is attributable to, among others, poor reading habit, which is caused by low
reading motivation. Several aspects cause low reading motivation: (1) family and
neighborhood environments that do not support reading habit, (2) society’s low bookbuying
power, (3) limited number of good libraries, (4) negative effects of electronic media
development, (5) learning model that in general does not make students read, and (6)
inappropriate learning system for reading. To improve reading motivation several attempts
can be made: (1) making children get used to reading since their early age, (2) providing
interesting books, (3) creating an environment conducive for reading, (4) reconstructing
the library performance to make it interesting, and (5) developing a learning model for
reading that is enjoyable, varied, and educative.
Keywords: reading motivation, literate society

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