Elinvo (Electronics, Informatics, and Vocational Education)

ELINVO (Electronics, Informatics, and Vocational Education)

ELINVO (Electronics, Informatics and Vocational Education) is a peer-reviewed journal that publishes high quality scientific articles in Indonesian language or English in the form of research results (the main priority) and or review studies in the field of electronics and informatics both in terms of their technological and educational development.

ELINVO accepts the scientific articles in the field of electronics and informatics from national and international academicians and researchers.

ISSN 2477-2399 (online)

ISSN 2580-6424 (print)

ELINVO is published twice a year by the Department of Electronic Engineering Education, Faculty of Engineering, Yogyakarta State University. ELINVO Editorial Team consists of editors who have experience in writing articles both nationally and internationally (scopus), this information is available in detail in the Editorial Team page. ELINVO has a house style consisting of Title, Author Identity, Abstract, Keyword, Introduction, Methods, Results, Conclusion and References. It can be accessed in the Author Guidelines page. The process of editing the article through the review process is conducted by at least two (2) reviewers who are competent in their fields. The accepted articles are decided by the editor-in-chief based on the editorial board's recommendation. Plagiarism screening is conducted through google scholar. This information is available in details in the Policies page.

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Vol 3, No 1 (2018): May 2018 (Consists of 13 Articles)

Table of Contents


Bekti Wulandari - [ http://orcid.org/0000-0002-6806-6917 ]
Satriyo Agung Dewanto
10.21831/elinvo.v3i1.19480   Abstract views : 26 | views : 17
Sugik Rizky Hikmawan
Eko Agus Suprayitno
10.21831/elinvo.v3i1.15343   Abstract views : 8 | views : 13
S. Syahrorini
A. Ahfas
10.21831/elinvo.v3i1.19241   Abstract views : 12 | views : 6
Nuryake Fajaryati
Djoko Santoso
Sri Waluyanti
Ahmad Awaluddin Baiti
10.21831/elinvo.v3i1.20221   Abstract views : 8 | views : 9
Tri Hamdani Agung Cahyono
Eko Agus Suprayitno
10.21831/elinvo.v3i1.19456   Abstract views : 13 | views : 12
Hernawan Prabowo
Fatchul Arifin
10.21831/elinvo.v3i1.19739   Abstract views : 12 | views : 14
. Rudy
Abdul Muis Prasetia
10.21831/elinvo.v3i1.19518   Abstract views : 40 | views : 26
Abdul Muis Prasetia
Hadi Santoso
10.21831/elinvo.v3i1.19460   Abstract views : 13
Sinta Ariyanti
Slamet Seno Adi
Sugeng Purbawanto
10.21831/elinvo.v3i1.19076   Abstract views : 9
Imam Riadi
Rusydi Umar
Imam Mahfudl Nasrulloh
10.21831/elinvo.v3i1.19308   Abstract views : 105
Wakhidah Rohayati
Anisa .
10.21831/elinvo.v3i1.17600   Abstract views : 8
Andri Muhyidin
Luthfi Rohmatulloh
Erna Fitriana
Nur Hasanah
10.21831/elinvo.v3i1.20189   Abstract views : 19
Satriyo Agung Dewanto
Eko Marpanaji
Muh. Izzudin Mahali
Nur Hasanah
Bekti Wulandari
10.21831/elinvo.v3i1.19779   Abstract views : 25