Jurnal Kependidikan had been initially published since 1975 and obtained STT in 1980, number 755 / P / SK / DITJEN PPG / STT / 1980, dated July 6, 1980 in the name of JURNAL KEPENDIDIKAN IKIP YOGYAKARTA. At first, the contents of this journal consist of ideas, research results, and the description of a research. From 1982, the journal gives priority to the research result based article; the name was changed into JURNAL KEPENDIDIKAN (JK). The name was chosen to reflect the content that prioritizes the results of educational research.

In 1985, articles from the universities were sent to the journal so that the focus of educational research shares with non-educational fields, especially teaching materials which were taught in schools. Furthermore, because the school education materials also become IKIP scope, the development of the journal focus and scope are inevitable.

To enrich the reader insight on a variety of research approaches and problems, since 1991 JK for each edition inserted a special article focus on approach and research methodology. Similarly, to improve the quality of publications since 1980, the guidelines of JK had been changed for three times.

In the Editorial Board meeting in 1995, it was decided that JK is no longer a journal consisting non-educational research articles. It was taken to avoid the publication of journals that were potpourri. In 1996, the articles of non-educational research results eventually separated into JURNAL PENELITIAN IPTEKS DAN HUMANIORA (Now JURNAL PENELITIAN SAINTEK and JURNAL PENELITIAN HUMANIORA) published by Lembaga Penelitian IKIP YOGYAKARTA (now known as the Institute for Research and Community Service).

In addition, since 1977 JK also appointed reviewers from other universities. This was done in order to improve the quality of the content of publications.

Here are the Editorial team of JK when it was first established: Suyanto, M.Ed., Ph.D .; Dr. Pujiati Suyata, M. Pd .; Dra. Suryati Sidharto, M.A .; Prof. Dr. Djohar, M: S .; Sukamto, M.Sc., Ph.D; Suryanto, M.A., Ph.D .; Sarbiran, M.Ed., Ph.D., Prof. D. Sardjono.

Jurnal Kependidikan: Penelitian Inovasi Pembelajaran is a continuation of Jurnal IKIP Yogyakarta and Jurnal Kependidikan: Jurnal Ilmiah Penelitian Pendidikan, published since 1980 with Number ISSN: 0125-992X. This journal has been accredited by DIKTI in 2001 and 2015 with Decree No. 118 / DIKTI / Kep / 2001 on May 9, 2001 and Number 12 / M / Kp / II / 2015 on February 11, 2015. Jurnal Kependidikan published by Institute of Researach and Community Service, Yogyakarta State University in collaboration with the Indonesian Education Research Society (MPPI) since 2012.