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The purpose of the study ist o e x ami n e e l e v a t o r p a s s e n g g e r f o r Ho t e l Grand
Tjokro Yogyakarta (HGTY) building and Apartment and Hotel Mataram Yogyakarta rewards to
elevator requirement as a condition of a residential building needs in terms of capacity, speed
and amount. The approach of the study was case study. This study conducted by collecting
building data (builds drawing) and specifications of the building elevators. The Analysis
elevators using 2 references plan, which are taken from the table chart of Benjamin Stein in the
book Mechanical And Electrical Equipment for Building (MEE) and the empirical way of Hartono
Purbo (2007). Based on the analysis of table sandgraphsof MEE, the result of the study showed
that HGTY requires 2 lifts (1050 kg, 2 m/s), as well as to AHMCY needs 4 lifts (1000kg, 1.75
m/s). While empirical manner indicates that HGTY need 3 lifts (1050kg, 0.63 m/s) and 2 lifts if
the speed of 2m/s, as well as for AHMCY, elevators analysis is made of 1 zone system and 2
zone system. The system needs to lift 1 zone as much as 2 pieces lifts for apartments and 3
pieces lifts to the hotel, and for the 2 zone system each require 4 lifts (1000kg, 1.75 m/s). Based
on the MEE concluded that (1a) HGTY elevators, speed meets there quirements, but the
numbers cannot be analyzed, because speed does not fulfill the requirements for residential
buildings. As for the (1b) AHMCY elevators, speed and capacity have fulfilled the requirements,
but the number was not sufficient to fulfill there quirements. Based on empirical way concluded
that (2a) HGTY elevators have fulfilled there quirements interms of capacity and speed, but the
number was not sufficient to fulfill the requirements, while for (2b) AHMCY elevators, speed,
capacity and quantity to fulfill the requirement soft the system when made 1 zone, but the
number was not sufficient to fulfill the requirements when made 2 zone system.
Keywords: feasibility, multi-storey buildings, passenger elevators

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