Rizal Gunawan, Darmono,


This study aims to find out the volume of a flood plan and balance between sediment raised in the
mining of sand and sediment that comes in the time of flooding in kali Putih river’s area regional of
Srumbung. The method of study is using observation method, interview method, and literature
method. Hydrology data used in this study is map kali Putih river, map rain stasiun, and gradation
of sand grains. To calculate the volume of a flood plan is using the rational method, weduwen
method, and hasper method. And to calculate sediment transport using Mayer, Peter and Muller
formulation. The calculation based on 5 rain station Argomulyo, G.maron, Ngepos, Babadan, and
Kaliadem station using (1) Rasional, (2) Weduwen and (3) Hasper to 5 year reissue period are: (1)
233,94 m3/sec, (2) 80,67 m3/sec, (3) 129,48 m3/sec. Tthe result of the calculation of sediment
transport using Meyer, Petter and Muller formulation produces sediment transport base for the
entire widht of the river of 4,66 m3/second, and base sediment transport for 1 hour of 16776
m3.From the result of mining sediment of Srumbung area is 492750 m3/year. So the mining was
done in Srumbung for 1 year is 492750 m3can be offset by during floods for 11,54 hours resulting
heaps of 493214,4 m3.

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