Isda Wdyani, Sumardjito


This study is aimed to discover the strong lighting at carpentry of Engineering Faculty UNY
mainly at between 08.00 A.M.-02.00 P.M. Light is an absolute requirement for men to see their
world. Natural lighting is the light which uses the direct sunlight. Artificial lighting is all forms of
light that comes from a tool created by humans. Mixed lighting is the fusion between natural
light and artificial lighting. The study was begun by studying the basic theory and standard
mixed lighting in the carpentry, then do observation, measurement, drawing, determining the
point of measurement and data collection Data collection was conducted by measurement using
Luxmeter's between at 08:00, 10:00, 12:00 , 02.00 P.M. The data collected in the measurement
of as much as 3 times in the same hour. The findings indicate that the average yield strong
lighting in the carpentry meet the standard (200 luv) in the amount of 427.13 lux (sunshine),
357.00 lux (rainy weather), and 363.12 lux (cloudy weather). It is known from the study that the
strongest lighting in the carpentry when the weather is bright and the weakest lighting is 427.13
lux and in wet weather it is 357.00 lux.
Keywords: Carpentry, Illumination. Mixed Lighting

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.21831/inersia.v11i1.9948


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