Bambang Sugestiyadi,


Yogyakarta could be the mirror of "Nusantara" since it had been
accumulated with people from all around the Nusantara for education. It
gradually grow into semi metropolis city, where new physical facilities
developed. There for physical facilities are needed. This research was
conducted to know the minimalism architecture style implemented in
house development in Yogyakarta.
The research was' carried out on qualitative design. Data is
collected through observation, visualization, skates maker, photo
documentation and deeply interview. Relevant documentation from other
connected departments was taken. Data is analyzed with inductive
method: it does not mean to reveal hypothesis but it is focused to make
an abstract. Triangulation was conducted to test data validity.
The results showed that: (a) House and housing development
until 2004 decade still dominated by Mediteran Style, Tropical House
Style and Classical House Style with ornaments, (b) The Minimalism
House Style in architecture focuses on essential and functional aspects.
The Minimalism Style dominated by basic geometrical forms without
ornament or decoration; It began to grow since 2004 to 2006, in Sleman
Regency, Yogyakarta.
Keywords: Architecture Style, Development, Minimalism
Architecture Style.

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