Sunar Rochmadi , Afif Nofarida,


Construction works need various drawings, including the drawings of
earth surface profiles used to prepare plan and design of construction works.
If the drawing process of earth surface profile is conducted manually, it will take
relatively longer time. Using Topocad program it is hoped to produce high
precission earth surface profiles. This research aims to prove that the drawing
process is more effective and efficient using Topocad computer program.
This research was conducted using the Football Field Replacement
Development Project in Dusun Kayen, Desa Sinduadi, Kecamatan Mlati,
Kabupaten Sleman, Yogyakarta. The field measurement was conducted to
gather data used to calculate distance and height difference between points.
The data were processed in the Surveying Laboratory, FaCUlty of Engineering,
Based on data analysis, it is concluded that the calculation process of
surveying data is more effective and efficient supported by Microsoft Excel
software. Applying Topocad program using the surveying data results single
cross sections, multiple cross section, single long section, polygon and cross
section detail were drawn digitally. The drawings produced utiliZing Topocad
program are easy to be edited and therefore should be suitable for planning
and designing civil construction works, because the drawings are in the
environment of the AutoCAD software.
Key words: Earth surface~ profile, computer aided drawing, surveying drawing.

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.21831/inersia.v2i1.8304


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