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Poespowardojo ( in Budihardjo, 1994) stated that there are two essences
of house for the residences. The former essence, house is a world where the
residences must develop theirselves. The later essence, house isa place
which the residence must adapt to the local culture. So that, the meaning of
house has a close relation with the sicial, culture and economic background
of the owner.
This research is focused on the ornaments of Kudus Traditional House,
that right know slowly destroyed. The aim of this research is to get the meaning
of the house, through discovering the residences value systems, physically or
non physically.
There are several value systems found at Kudus traditional house, that is:
hierarchy, status symbol, gender, sacral-profane, duniawi-ukhrowi, pingitan
culture, collumn meaning, and tumpangsari. Those value systems have. very
close relation and also form the meaning of Kudus traditional house.
The main result of this research is that the meaning of a house is very
influenced by social and culture condition in Kudus, and also by the economic
background of the owner.
Keywords: Kudus traditional house, meaning, value system

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