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The development of the  country depends on the human resource qualification. Indonesia is one of the developing countries which is in the proecess of  its  human resource development. The goverment had decided to allocate  20% of the national budget  in  the  National  Education  Department.  The  elementary  school  teachers should be bachelor degree (S-1), and the sertication program is carried out.

Mathematical Eduction in Elementary Schools faced  many obstacels, among them  are  the  mastery   weaknesses of the  elementary  school   teachers  about mathematics related to the mathematics taught in the elementary schools and the methods  as well as strategies implemented in the elementary schools. Relating to the last weakness is that the poor of implementing learning teories in teaching mathematics.

In ths paper, there will be only the learning theories considered to be suitable for the teaching/learning  mathematics:  those are  constructivism, Bruner 'theory,  and VanHiele's theory. Elementary students should be active in constructing the mathematical concept (constructivism), Buner's theory is we/known  about the term oj inactive, iconic and symbolic. Blsides, Bruner also performed the constructivism, contrast and variation theorem, notation, and connectivity  theorem. Where as Van Hiele theory stated that there are 5 grades in the development of learning geometry, namely visualization, analuis, informal deduction, deduction and rigor. The elementary school teachers should master the theories oj learning as many as possible in order to be able to teach well. One theory is suitable for  a certain mathematics material but not always suitablefor  other materials.

Key words:  Educational Quality, Learning Theories, Mathematical Eduacation

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