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This paper presents the writer’s experience in implementing a learning approach
to build students’ motivation by empowering parental partnership. Teaching
English, especially, at class XI IPA 1, SMA N 7 Yogyakarta, is very challenging.
However, the writer as the teacher found some problems in learning process. It
was her task to create an effective learning process, therefore, she had to manage
the class into active and motivated classes. The class consisted of 24 students who
were commonly silent and passive. Their class participation especially in speaking
class was far from the expected. This had led the writer to make an effort to fid a
learning approach to be implemented in her speaking class. The writer performed
an approach by Empowering “Teacher-Parent Partnership” to Enhance Class
Participation among Students of XI IPA 1 at SMA Negeri 7 Yogyakarta. This paper
was aiming at describing the effectiveness of “Teacher-Parent Partnership” as an
approach to enhance students’ participation and explaining how it could enhance
speaking capability among the students of SMA N 7 Yogyakarta.
The writer was really sure that parents’ involvement in children’s education is
highly correlated with children success at school. She took a deep concern since
she found that the teacher-parent partnership, so far, was only done but to make
communication about school fee, regulation, and school programs. Meanwhile, only
few teachers realize that personal communication between teacher and parents,
especially about the progress of the children at class, was very important. The writer
was really sure that parents’ involvement was needed; she decided to empower
parental partnership to build the students’ motivation.
The implementation of empowering teacher-parent partnership used several
ways of communication: 1) email and letter, 2) news-letter, 3) telephone, 4) meeting.
Some valuable fidings were proven. The communication between teacher and parent
led a new atmosphere in the class. Among students, teachers and parents could be
closer. It gave an amazing power to build students’ motivation. They were creating
conducive class. They were getting better gradually in English learning. In a nut
shell, “Empowering Teacher-Parent Partnership” was proven to be an effective
approach to solve the problems of lack participation at Class XI IPA 1, SMAN 7
Yogyakarta and to enhance the students’ competence of speaking.
Key words: teacher-parent partnership, learning approach, students’ participation,
Key words:English learning

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