Imaji: Jurnal Seni dan Pendidikan Seni

ISSN 1693-0479 (Print) | ISSN 2580-0175 (Online)

IMAJI is a journal containing the results of research/non-research studies related to arts and arts education, including fine arts and performing arts (dance, music, puppetry, and karawitan). IMAJI is published twice a year in April and October by the Faculty of Languages and Arts of Universitas Negeri Yogyakarta in cooperation with AP2SENI (Asosiasi Program Studi Pendidikan Seni Drama, Tari, dan Musik se-Indonesia/Association of Drama, Dance, and Music Education Study Programs in Indonesia) based on the MoU Number: 17/AP2SENI/2017 and the MoU Number: 511/UN34.12/VIII/TU/2017.

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