Agung Purnomo, Rizal Aditya Rifaii, Dian Puspita


This research aims (1) to determine the components of the rice cooker, (2) to
determine the distribution of heat in the rice cooker with aluminium pans and ceramic
pans, (3) to determine the quality and taste of rice cooked by a rice cooker with an
aluminium pan and ceramic pan, (4) to determine the metal content of the rice cooker
with an aluminium pan and ceramic pan. The research is quantitative and qualitative
in nature. The quantitative research is conducted by measuring the heat on the rice
rice cooker with an aluminium pan and ceramic pan that can be made by their
physical distribution system. The second is chemical metal content of rice cooker with
an aluminium pan and ceramic pan. The qualitative research focuses on the quality
and flavor of rice with an organoleptic test. The result of this study is the product of a
rice cooker from ceramic pans from Pagar Jurang, Klaten. To support the physical
processes of the rice cooker, the study needs to detect the components in the rice
cooker itself. Because the process of cooking rice by using a rice cooker cannot be
separated from the electronic system. The research continues on finding out the
difference in the cooking process by using ceramic pans and aluminium pans. Cooking
rice within two hours has different detailed processes and different rice. The process
uses a ceramic pan has increasing temperature which is longer than that using an
aluminum one. Basically, cooking uses a ceramic pan is successful but needs further
research to produce good quality of rice faster. The results of the SSA test show that
ceramic contains approximately 10% of aluminum that supports this behavior in the
conductivity of the ceramic itself. If compared with the aluminum pan, aluminum
which contains about 83% is certainly bigger than a ceramic pan and make a rice
cooker with a ceramic pan environmentally friendlier than the aluminium pan. Based
on thenorganoleptic test, the rice cooked by using the ceramic pan is fresher and more

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