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This program is aimed at giving sufficient practical experience in the form of knowledge,  skills,  and  motivation and  attitude appreciation,  to the

targeted students objectively, in connection with the entire practical works in a ceramic  industry.  This  program  is  intended  to  internalize  enterpreneurship

values and spirit, that will have significant roles in preparing students facing the challenge  dan  jiwa  enterpreneurship,  that  will  provide  significant  practical

experience to them in facing the challenge of finding suitable works after their graduation.

The program involves 10 students of Craft Education Study Program, Faculty of Languages and Arts, Yogyakarta State University, and a finishing

ceramic industry, i.e., Tunas Asri Keramik Yogyakarta, as a patner. The main methods and implementation of the program are conducted through lecturing

and discussing, for the preparatory stage to give sufficient knowledge to the tagetted students, followed by the practical method as the implementation stage

of the program by which the students are given the change to participatively involved in the industry. The latter method is conducted for 15 days with 8

hours effective working hours everyday.

The result of the implementation of the program can be summarized as

follows. Firstly, all the participants have actively involved in the entire program activities,  namely,  a)  the preparatory lecturing  on enterpreneurship  topic  in campus, b) learning and having practical activity of finishing ceramic prodct throuh various tecniques, c) learning the industrial management, and d) learning to write a proposal of establishing a new finishing ceramic industry. Secondly, all of the targeted students finish writing the proposal of establishing a new industry. This program is beneficial in giving practical experience to the students, consequently, this program should be continously developed and improved in the future.

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