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Streaming is one form of technology that allows files to be used directly without waiting for the completion of uploads and takes place continuously without interruption. Worldwide interoperability for Microwave Access (WiMAX) is a Broadband Wireless Access (BWA) technology. In the process of sending data from the user, WiMAX implements the request bandwidth mechanism. This paper evaluates and analyzes Quality Of Service (QOS), on the quality of video transmission. Performance analyzed in this paper includes throughput, Delay, jitter, and frame loss. Throughput can be accessed by customers in free space loss condition with maximum range of 3.7 KM for UGS and 2.1 KM for rtPS, only for rtPS (real time poling service) requires a longer start time than UGS (Unsolicited Grant Service) when accessing streaming video. For Delay occurring on rtps but not prominent, the lowest end-to-end delay rtps value with an average of 43,244 ms is stable beginning to end, very high delay caused by queue, will result in error and packet drop. High delays can result in the appearance of jitter. jitter is caused by the congestion of queues when data transfer is done so much that packet drop, even on the jitter of SS (Subscribe Service) BE (Best Effort) value on frames 100 - 115, 141 - 194, 352 - 400 exceeds 1000 ms. In the overall percentage of frame loss in the UGS environment has the lowest loss value of 9.75%.


WIMAX, Quality Of Service (QOS), Streaming

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